Learn Dagbanli (Dagbanli Bɔhimbu)

Numbers In Dagbanli (1 to 100)


Numbers in Dagbanli can be differentiated between counting and non counting numbers. This difference is mostly tied to daily usage and counting items. Unlike English where counting and usage of a number is the same. Counting five, n-nu in Dagbanli is different from saying, “give me five tomatoes”. You will say “give me tomatoes anu“(“tim’ma tomatoes anu“). Anu here is five in Dagbanli. Here’s a list of numbers in Dagbanli from 1 to 100.

Number Counting Non-Counting (Daily Usage)
1 n-daam Yini
2 n-yi Ayi
3 n-ta Ata
4 n-nahi Anahi
5 n-nu Anu
6 n-yobu Ayobu
7 m-pɔi Apɔi
8 n-nii Anii
9 n-wei Awei
10 Pia Pia
11 Pia ni yini Pin yini
12 Pia ni ayi Pin ayi
13 Pia ni ata Pin ata
14 pia ni anahi Pin anahi
15 pia ni anu Pin anu
16 pia ni ayobu Pin ayobu
17 pia ni apɔi Pin apɔi
18 pishi ayi ka Pin ayi ka
19 pishi yini ka Pishi yini ka
20 pishi Pishi
21 pishi ni yini pishi ni yini
22 pishi ni yi pishi ni yi
23 pishi ni ata pishi ni ata
24 pishi ni anahi pishi ni anahi
25 pishi ni anu pishi ni anu
26 pishi ni ayobu pishi ni ayobu
27 pishi ni apɔi pishi ni apɔi
28 pihita ayi ka pihita ayi ka
29 pihita yini ka pihita yini ka
30 pihita pihita
40 pihinahi pihinahi
50 pihinu pihinu
60 pihiyobu pihiyobu
70 pisopɔi pisopɔi
80 pihinii pihinii
90 pihiwei pihiwei
100 kɔbiga kɔbiga


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