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Learn Dagbanli

Learn how to speak and write Dagbanli with video and text lessons online for free. Learn Dagbanli is a collective effort by volunteers who want to make the Dagbani language more accessible and available.

Video Lessons

Watch video pronunciations and subscribe to our YouTube channel

Text Lessons

Read accompanying text lessons and save for offline reading.

Audio Pronunciations

Hear how words are pronounced in Dagbanli and say along.


Watch the lessons on our Youtube channel. Read accompanying lessons online.

Dagbanli Dictionary

Explore a draft/unofficial Dagbanli dictionary created by Tony Naden. We are looking for volunteers to help us create an updated dictionary. Learn how you can help by emailing

Help Us Make Lessons!!

Learn Dagbanli will not exist without contributors. Help us keep this alive by contributing to the project. All forms of lesson contributions are welcome; text, audio, video, etc. Click below to learn more about how you can contribute to the lessons.

We are driven ...

… to provide the best resources for learning the Dagbanli language